White Wolf Rising and Storvix are joining forces for introducing in the United Kingdom a Unified Next Generation Data Platform that revolutionises the way data storage boxes are designed. 



Triboni AG

Triboni has been a reliable ECMS provider for innovative and individual software solutions since 2003. 

White Wolf Rising's personnel and Triboni have previously worked on a large, major and complex Enterprise Content Management System (GinkGO), for a British government department, that in its days was ahead of its time. 

Triboni develops and supports customer-oriented software solutions from SMEs to large customers both in Switzerland as well as internationally. 

The synergy between White Wolf Rising Ltd and Triboni AG lays on the following:

· Long term working relationship

· Mastery of ECMS technologies

· Complimentary skills between the two companies

Triboni’s products are used world-wide in a wide range of markets and industries. These include among others logistics, pharmaceutical, high-tech, finance, energy and mechanical engineering industries as well as Public Sector bodies. Additionally, they develop solutions for public administration and healthcare.


White Wolf Rising and Triboni can deliver any ECMS solutions, regardless of the complexity of your requirements, at a price that can hardly be matched by many of our competitors and at the same time not sacrificing the quality the work.



Triboni AG

Pilatusstrasse 2

CH-8032 Zürich


+41 44 500 96 44