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Your story

You have a small to medium size enterprise

Your story is one of many entrepreneurs' tales.  You started a business with great expectation and purchased the IT tools you needed at that time.

You may be on your own or you may have a small team with you.

You sucessfully conducted your business that kept growing

And now you need to have more IT flexibility in working locations and application power. You also most likely need to get more employees joining your enterprise.

An enterprise growth can be a very challenging time

Suddenly you realised that to allow your employees to work with ease and collaborate between themselves and your customers, you need to invest lots of money in an  IT infrastructure.

You may not be able to fund for your needs  and you know that many businesses have  failed when they could not sustain their growths. 

Is your story stops you from sleeping at night?

It does not need to be. Stories can be written in ways that are satisfying. And so is yours too. You just have to look at new ways to implement an IT strategy that will not  leave you penny less.

You now become aware of cloud computing or SaaS

At last you have found a mean to increase your IT presence without spending a fortune.


You are now getting it all, cheap IT solutions, freedom of using your IT anywhere you or your employees are located.

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Let us have a frank and friendly discussion on what we could do to help you write another chapter in your enterprise success story.

Join the community of enlightened entrepreneurs who are using  IT in a way that gives them total freedom at almost now costs.

SaaS (Cloud Applications)


You want to transform your business with one or more cloud applications (SaaS) that you need as you are expanding your operations and increasing the number of employees who have to work with the same data.


As a business owner, you want to reduce or avoid costs by replacing manual operations and legacy systems with cloud-based alternatives.


White Wolf rising is here to help you at optimising your business and IT costs and achieve your business goals. 

No need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure, software and dedicated personnel… White Wolf Rising is here ensuring that you can grow your business without having to break the bank.

IT Consultancy


Does your business need to benefit from best and proven practices and acquire new meaningful knowledge? White Wolf Rising consultants can assist you in your journey.

Are you baffled by risk management that are emerging quickly due to your operational growth? No longer, as White Wolf Rising is here to take away the pain from you and let you focus on what is meaningful to your business.

White Wolf Rising will let you benefit from its top information management, project management and technical design consultants and architects.

Programme & Project Management


Your business is growing, and more effort is required on your part for managing costs, time and quality to successfully deliver products and services.

White Wolf Rising will support you at building and managing effective programme and project strategies. 

Together, we will drive changes with proven methodologies and analytics that will ensure that you succeed in your business endeavours.

Green Cloud

White Wolf Rising Ltd, with its SaaS offering, is championing green cloud technologies that are part of the green IT effort to cut down, as much as possible, the amount of energy used to create and run IT infrastructures from the smallest to the biggest ones.

Pike Research concluded in its green cloud investigation that the widespread adoption of cloud computing could lead to a potential 38% reduction in worldwide data centre energy expenditures by 2020. 

But also, this means that SMEs do not need to invest in costly infrastructures, not only when acquiring them but also when running them, which are anything but green. 

The future is with the green cloud technology. Let us all together protect the planet and ourselves!

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