About Us

White Wolf Rising team offers SME's the best solutions for business transformation services.

Our team

Our specialities

Our history

We are a group of seasoned Information Technology and Information Management specialists, across many disciplines, that want to make a difference in your company.

Our team can implement cloud applications as well as working with you on your IT strategy and delivery (Programme and Project Management). 

Our team follows TOGAF and ITIL frameworks.

White Wolf Rising team has over 30 years of experience in business transformation.

Our history

Our specialities

Our history

The company started trading in 2017. We have a core of 2 directors based in the United Kingdom, and a large number of IT specialists and developers across Europe. 

We are currently working with international providers to ensure that our innovative solutions meet your requirements and aspirations. 

To achieve our vision, we are working at creating new IT models, such as cloud computing, that benefits small to medium size companies.  

White Wolf Rising specialities:
Business Transformation
SaaS (Cloud Computing)
IT Consultancy

Our specialities

Our specialities

Our specialities

We are specialised in providing cloud based applications that allows your company to stay free from having to invest on expensive IT hardware and software.  

We are field independent and as such we will only deliver the best fit to our customers' requirements.

Our aim is to increase your profit by reducing your IT costs. Our solutions also ensure that you have the best Information Management tools at your disposal to enhance your business. 

We are specialising in CRM, Imaging, Workflow, EDMS and ERMS technologies. 

We also provide IT consultancy services in management of programme, project, delivery and support as well as GDPR.

Dominique Conterno ECITB GDPRP

Dominique Conterno leads White Wolf Rising with Ethics, business transformation and IT expertise.

I am the Chief Executive Officer of White Wolf Rising Ltd. My intend is to make the company a major worldwide leader serving the IT needs of small to medium size enterprises. As an EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner, I will also advice customers on how best to approach the GDPR challenge.

I have over 30 years of experience in information management, having managed major operations in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Information Technology (IT) industries.

Customers I have worked with during these years are ranging from large international corporations (Shell, Aker, Liverpool Victoria, Aon) to British Government Ministries (DWP, MoD, MoJ).

Experience overview

Solution Architect and Information Systems Architect: I have architected complex information management solutions (environments, hardware and software) for engineering, banking, government and internal customers.

Project Management: I have gathered over 30 years experience in implementing and supporting Engineering and IT applications for the private and public sectors. Customers have ranged from private sectors companies such as Shell, BP, Statoil, Mobil, etc… to public sectors organisations such as MoD, MoJ, etc… I am particularly specialised in the delivery of complex Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS), scanning and workflow technologies.


Transition Management: I have architected, planned, managed and supported the MoD successful transition of AFPAA/SPVA data from legacy systems to Documentum.


Change Management: I have demonstrated extensive experience managing and motivating teams to meet the changing needs of the business. I have been responsible for the AFPAA/SPVA content management solution, over ten years, managing every single change: architecture, costing, approval and delivery. 


Service Delivery: I have been highly successful at managing service level agreements (SLA's). I have strong problem-solving skills with good analysis and identification of opportunities and I have customer focused with a detailed and precise approach.


People Management: I have led project multi-company teams of up to 20 people and led department of up to 70 people, across different locations and countries to achieve demanding goals. Developed and motivated individuals to achieve objectives. I have an open and supportive management style, inspiring confidence in staff. I lead by example and I enhance my team's expertise through mentoring.


Vendor Relationship Management: I have effectively acted as a link between IT companies and the business functions to deliver and support new and existing systems. Highly experienced in working with customer, third party suppliers and outsource providers. I have over 15 years of relationship with Documentum and EMC.


Relationship building: I have always built relationships across all areas of business, at all levels, by understanding and respecting people’s priorities, finding common ground and delivering on promises. Over the years, I have learnt how to translate technical information into a commercial context, to develop successful propositions. I have demonstrated imaginative and innovative thinking and I command the respect of my team and customers.