White Wolf Rising offers Kasita, the only property investment insights applications you ever need.

Investors' One-stop-shop

 The UK property investment market has been booming for years and is now rapidly evolving. The property investment fast pace now requires quick decisions and this is where Kasita comes into place.

Kasita can provide information about the UK housing market in a fast and easy way, helping investors take their key decisions about where and when is best to invest. 

We deliver Property Investment Insights that will give you all of the Business Intelligence you need to invest and look after your property investments.

Property investment investors as well as professionals can finally have real time insights for national, regional and local trends and market intelligence from multiple sources.  

Kasita is suitable for novice and highly experienced investors as it makes market analysis and research simple, thus alleviating the need for creating and maintaining complex spreadsheets. Our aim it to give you the time to focus on decision making and not on tedious manual data acquisition, and on acting and delivering your investment objectives. 

Using Kasita to review the best areas in a town or city for investment

Using Kasita to find High Yield Areas

How to use Kasita effectively