Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)

Document Management


Many companies today, large and small, are struggling working in a paper-based office or poor electronic document management solutions. There are many aspects to this challenge ranging from storage to security. The need for good document management practices and software are greater now than ever.

Your challenges


With significant technical, financial and operational obstacles to overcome, implementing electronic document (or content) management systems by yourselves is not an easy project; however, there are significant benefits to be had once these systems are in place. This is where our company can help you at creating the right solution for you that could be either be housed by ourselves in a data centre or implemented in your IT infrastructure.

What is it about?


Document management is about: access control, service firewall, user & group management, electronic signature, document assemblies, document templates, Microsoft Office integration, integrated development environment, full text indexing, workflow engine, record management, scripting engine, rendition engine, rule engine, email archiving, replication and clustering, Xerox MFP toolset, integration connectors, reporting engine, enterprise content and record management, job schedulers, document inboxes and data warehouse

Our solution


Our solution is based on the Triboni content management system. Triboni is a Swiss company that was created by ECMS experts and that has been providing ECMS technologies to major companies (e.g. Tesco, Cannon, etc…) as well as government department (e.g. UK Ministry of Justice). Due to the service-oriented architecture and the modular component structure, the Triboni GinkGO platform forms the perfect tool for scalable business solutions. All the solutions are fully cloud as well as cluster capable. 

Triboni GinkGO


All that you will need for the operation of the Triboni GinkGO platform is a Java servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat) and a relational database (MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle). The platform can be operated both in Windows Server as well as Linux. The business logic can be implemented either in Java or with the use of script languages (XML-Script or JavaScript). The development tools, integrated in the platform, support an agile approach. Smaller modifications as well as prototypes can often be implemented immediately together with the customer in the running system. The services developed in Triboni GinkGO can be called up by the clients either via REST or SOAP. Components at the side of the client enable an efficient and competitive implementation of the required user interfaces. 

Solution flexibility


The innumerable integration modules allow third-party systems to integrate in a simple manner. Data can be exchanged in a transparent manner between the systems within the business logic. There are connectors among others for the following systems: SAP, Oracle EBS, Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and OpenText.

New products and solutions can be assembled on top of existing components. Or existing components can be easily expanded in order to cover the requirements. The existing components are among others: DMS, ECM, CRM, BPM, workflow, archiving (documents and e-mail), scanning, printing, reporting (data warehouse) and Office integration.

Contact Us and tell us about your requirements

We will then be in the position of finding out how we can work together and deliver an EDMS solution that will fully meet your needs and expectations at a very competitive price.